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Kelly on Jan 30, 2004 at 14:12

Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother (Pasti)

"You can do better than that,right? How about cookies?You have forgotten those."

You're right! I forgot the impossible to defend against cookies! All hope is lost!

*Sarcasm mode="off"*
If the government want to "trick" you into providing your email and allowing them to place a cookie on your machine (assuming you don't have cookies turned off) then wouldn't they do it with a site disguised as something non-govermental? Something that looks innocent and commercial and attractive, like Symantec's alert list? I mean if we're talking conspiracy, why use half-measures? let's take it all the way. If you are correct then it makes perfect sense that Symantec or others like them are part of the track-our-citizens-web-surfing-with-cookies conspiarcy.
*Sarcasm mode="on"*

"We can keep this sarcasm ad infinitum,more or less for entertainment purposes, but it would be an utter waste of time.
Let me know however if you actually want to continue the thread seriously."

If it wasn't entertaining I wouldn't bother. I'm not mad at you for the truly insulting nature of your original first post to me because I know you honestly don't think you did anything wrong. I know it's just not possible for you to see that I'm only treating you the way you treated me. And therein lies the fun.

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