Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother

Posted by Pasti on Jan 30, 2004 at 12:58

Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother (Kelly)

Ah, you have chosen to delect me again with your irrefutable logic.

"Yes, I think I do. You're saying the government is tricking people into providing their email addresses, something almost impossible to discover otherwise. Fascinating! Those sneaky bastards!"

You can do better than that,right? How about cookies?You have forgotten those.

"And why would they want my email address? There can be only one reason: to send me the special hypno-email that will put me under their control. I better be careful about reading my email!"

Maybe you should.I didn't have in mind what you said above, but if they did send you that hypno-email,I am afraid that you are now experiencing certain side-effects.I can only hope they are only temporary.Good thing I did not subscribe.:-)

"But what if they already sent it? What if I'm being controlled right now and don't know it? Help me, Pasti! Tell me what to do! Only your vast wisdom and unwavering certainty in "how the world works" and "which words to put in quotes" can save me!"

My pleasure!I have started a subscription list, to which I am sure you will subscribe.It alerts you about the alerts containing hypno-emails, and I have just started to develop AV patches for the ones already sent.Hope it won't be too late for you ...Ah, altruism is what's gonna be the end of me...>8-)

We can keep this sarcasm ad infinitum,more or less for entertainment purposes, but it would be an utter waste of time.
Let me know however if you actually want to continue the thread seriously.

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