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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 30, 2004 at 10:28

Re: Lincoln was wrong (DA Morgan)

There weren't any slaves in the North. Lincoln enacted a deft political maneuver to create a Fifth column in the South at no apparent cost to his forces and polity. It was a terrible mistake in every consideration.

South Africa's renunciation of Apartheid was equally devastating. The Russians had slavery into the 20th century - but it was a much better class of slaves - then re-institutionalized it as penalties for political crimes. The Moscow subway was dug by political slave labor under Khruschev's management. Gulags opened up the economics of Siberia. The death tolls were impressive, which is the way one properly runs these things. Young breeders, then dead feeders. Keep the numbers under tight control.

Fear, guilt, hope; brutal exploitation and early death. The Soviets cribbed a page from the One True Church casebook.

Uncle Al
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