Re: Poverty a subject

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 30, 2004 at 03:42

Re: Poverty a subject (Kelly)

For someone who will be 42 this year (I'm looking down at you from a vantage point somewhere beyond that, BTW) you strike me more as someone who has a year or so of experience repeated 42 times.

Someday you may truly understand the meaning of the statement, "The rest of my life just isn't worth living." When you do, I hope for your sake there is some loving, caring significant other with the guts to pull the plug or load the gun for you. Flying solo is a hard gig; there's no one to correct your mistakes if you goof up, no one to draw the line and say "no further." All you can do is keep watching closely for the line and hoping it's not a cliff.

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