Who will make up the first colonist on Mars

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danno might on Jan 05, 2004 at 10:33

I have been putting a lot of thought into that question. Will it be some government program of science and futurist from the West, a collective enterprise from the one remaining pseudo-socialist powerhouse - China, will be a purely commercial enterprise (less likily until proven profits) or some cult-like charasmatic group (think L.Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, David Koresh or their ilk)?

I am betting on the charasmatic group forming the first bridges of small permanent settlements on Mars. Imagine this, the US government contracts out support services for some fund raising fools (think Sun Yung Moon) who will take the human risk and promises naming rights (what is the commercial worth of having your corporate logo as the First City on Mars), some mineral rights or power transfers and the promise of some DNA samples from any organisms discovered.

All that is needed is about half the money being spent on Iraq and some group could put 10 people on Mars with hope and basic materials so they could build a self sustaining colony.

A one way trip for those colonist would drastically cutting the cost of return missions outside what materials the group wished to trade/sell for continued support missions.

Mars Direct, with people dedicated to a one way mission.

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