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Kelly on Jan 29, 2004 at 23:16

Re: Poverty a subject (Pasti)

Wait. Give me a minute. I want to say this with a straight face (pause to wipe tears of laughter...deep breath).

Your wisdom is exceeded only by your condescension, my dear Pasti, and I truly commend you. Your arrogance is awe-inspiring! Imagine! *You* telling *me* -- no, ordering me -- to re-read your insightful post and then re-read my own words and thereby learn a valuable life lesson. Your...gall is worthy of poetry. Thank you so very much.

That being said, I must sadly disagree with pretty much everything you said. Idealism is not confined to youth. I'm sorry that fate has been unkind to you and left you bitter and hollow but that hasn't been my experience. I'll be 42 this year and still look forward to perusing the science news every morning to see what the latest discoveries and inventions are that day. I've seen many amazing things and am awed but how much the world has changed since my youth.

Not only have there been many changes but the pace of change itself is accelerating. I've seen nanotechnology go from pure sci-fi that no one took seriously to becoming the Next Big Thing for government to fund and industry to invest in. That's just one of many fields that are about to change the world in ways we can't even imagine.

My point, Pasti, is that there is a great deal of change coming and good or bad, at least it won't be boring. Try not to be so depressed. Maybe you need a hobby. How about advice columnist? I know I'd read what you had to say. I'm sure it'd be very...enlightening.

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