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Posted by Pasti on Jan 29, 2004 at 22:36

Re: Poverty a subject (Kelly)

I take it that you are still very young Kelly,since you still have this reassuring idealism regarding the things that might change.

Years from now,and some more wisdom to "counterbalance" the idealism, you will understand that new developments change something only after they (the developments) have become common (and by this I mean really important developments for the quality of human life, not the latest behind-wiping cell-phone with optional automatic flushing).

Moreover,you will also understand also why these developments are so slow in actually getting implemented.Which unfortunately will make you only wiser,but not happier.

So the question remains:how will you be able to know which is the last moment you mention above?

So, read this post, read again what Amaranth has to say, and read again your post above. Do you still agree with yourself?Let me know.

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