Re: Feo: Grand Canyon

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 29, 2004 at 18:40

Re: Feo: Grand Canyon (Kelly)

After 30 years, anything old is new again. Maybe the Parks Service could make itself some money by selling the old signs on e-Bay as mementoes, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The people who want the signs could have them, the Parks Service could creep a little way out of the red (I assume they're in the red, it's a government run thing), and the issue would be moot, since they could never afford to make new signs to put up.

I can't imagine any Governmental agency, no matter how benign or well-operated, being able to store something for thirty years and then find it again. It boggles the mind. They can hardly keep track of a few years worth of income tax payments. If they have storage facilities that good, they should be running a warehouse emporium.

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