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Alex Bartels on Jan 29, 2004 at 13:01

Hi all,
I've got a question wich i hope someone has an answer to:
In 2001 i was in Egypt on holiday. From 21 to 22 Februari we were traveling from Cairo to Aswan and slept at the libian desert (they call it The White Desert). 22 Februari, between 5:10 am and 5:15 am i was lying on my back staring at the stars. Suddenly i was attracted due to a enormous light behind me in the sky. I turned around and saw a VERY bright "star". It went brighter and brighter till it suddenly wored out. There was no movement of the object during that period, and i think it lasted for about 15 seconds. Since then i searched at many places for an answer to my question, but still didn't find it. I'm very curious what kind of object could provide such an enormous bright light. Hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance

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