Re: Could SETI@Home results yeild discoveries through further analysis?

Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 29, 2004 at 09:58

Re: Could SETI@Home results yeild discoveries through further analysis? (Chri)

The distributed SETI engine looks for non-random emissions. Of the purely enormous number of CPU-hrs so invested into the purely enormous database, about six intersting candidates have been identified.

Your proposal is complex and slow - certainly given the size of the database. The chance of an outworlder civilization beaming a detectable signal our way while we are looking is infinitesimal over time. SETI hopes to see a source of athermal noise not traceable to an astronomical event. The Earth is a brobdingnagian radiator of radio and microwave radiation - radio, TV, radar, geosynchronous satellite communications... cell phones plus their base stations.

Suppose we got a big fat SETI hit 20 lightyears away. Barring radically new physics, it would be of only passing interest: So be spend big $billions and create a large aperture high power radiator (Earth or moon based). So we start pouring data continuously to them. *Nothing at all* happens for at least *40 years.* That is ten Presidential elections and 20 Congressional elections.

Around 2100 First World civilization - assuming effete girl men persist against barbarian onslaught - will have concerns that wholly outweigh abstract catholic interests.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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