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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 28, 2004 at 14:02

Re: Poverty a subject (DA Morgan)

As a mass condition, poverty in general is probably the result of unimpeded fecundity.

On an individual basis, poverty's causes are as individual as its sufferers. In general, poverty's cause lies in the factors of the equation that relates income to expenses. If you remove an individual's ability to produce adequate income, the result will eventually be poverty, unless that person has unusual resources, either fiscal or social. A person may sustain a severe disability, yet still retain the ability to garner income adequate to their needs, while another may sustain a comparatively milder disability yet lose all their ability to be gainfully employed.

The easiest recipe for poverty is to put a person with a fixed income in an economy which is constantly inflating. Add a governmental institution which seeks to control costs by applying a "one drug suits all" brush to a diverse and biochemically disparate group of individuals with limited abilty to access either private medicine or legal recourse, and you have a recipe for gradually increasing amounts of suicide as people take their own lives rather than suffer until the state wises up.

I guess they have to reduce the number of people on Disablity incomes somehow. Personally I think it would be kinder to offer free voluntary euthansia. I doubt they will listen until someone dresses in saffron and douses themselves with petrol in front of the legislative hall. I'm sure some passing smoker would ignite the situation willingly.

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