Re: UVB Light appparatus anyone?

Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 28, 2004 at 11:10

Re: UVB Light appparatus anyone? (Ariene)

There are a number of solar testers (Q-Panel) and photolysis reactors that mount UV-B (286-315 nm) fluorescent lights. UV-B is a severe hazard to eyes and skin. Cellulose diacetate sheet filters out shorter wavelengths. Polyester film (Mylar transparencies) filters out UV-B. UV-A is 315-400 nm.

UV-B lights for reptiles won't do it unless 5% of overall emission is adequate.

Q-Panel UVB-313 T12 40 W fluorescent tubes, 1.20 m long (Q-Panel Co., Cleveland, Ohio). You will need a ballast to run the lamps (a suitable fluorescent light fixture) - and a special ballast if you want to dim the lamps. Talk with Q-Panel. These lamps are extremely hazardous.

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