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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 27, 2004 at 11:21

Re: More Spirit updates (I. S.)

Any victim of BillGates' Windoze knows that

1) Memory is unlimited, and

2) You *want* to create a huge swamp of unpurgeable and useless files. When the partition blows out the stupid consumer will buy an upgrade - and get screwed again. Find all the *.png files in your Windoze partition. What do they do? They do nothing. They sit there and hog space.

No NASA programmer writes code to purge unneeded files. It would be a waste of billable labor hours to do the programming. Memory is unlimited. Everybody knows that. BTW, you cannot reboot your box if your OS drive is filled - booting lays down more files.

Did NASA visit Radio Shack for FlashRAM, or did NASA make its own incredibly expensive crappy NASA-FlashRAM cards?

Get this through your head: NASA is a bureaucratic cynosure and political porkbarrel. The engineers exist only to rationalize maximal budget allocation and disappearance. If NASA needed 10,000 identical sheetrock screws they would single diamond point CNC machine each one from a separate single forged billet, electropolish, and the $50/each damned things would crap out in use. NASA wouldn't even carve Spiralock threads in their hugely expensive custom screw FUBAR.

There are no hard drives on Mars. 7 torr ambient air pressure is insufficient to aerodynamically loft the heads when the disk spins up.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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