Feo2: Grand Canyon

Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 27, 2004 at 00:24

Re: Feo: Grand Canyon (DA Morgan)

You feel I'm using big words by saying "diatribe"? Should I dumb it down and, if so, how stupid do you need it?

What is this wild goose chase you post here? What is all of this ancient history you are trying to use to point us away from your one track mind?

You say, I'm trying to "distract people from considering the facts."

What facts have you presented about Bush?


And facts are what I've been trying to get out of you on this topic. The only reason I inquire is because you froth at the mouth about it daily, hammering this whole President thing into the ground without ever presenting any facts. Just constant vitriol backed by nothing but more hate.

When I first came to this board, you seemed an intelligent person - and it is not your knowledge I question, but your non-stop hatred. To curl this particular thread - about the Grand Canyon no less - into yet another rabid attack on Bush isn't Freedom of Speech; because you aren't saying anything.

So spare me the mis-direction about 1797, Article 11, and the rest of your Trival Pursuit knowledge.

To defend yourself you try and label me a Christian. So senseless, as I've already made my agnostic beliefs apparent on this board. There is no God and I have no anger about it.

Your entire rebuttal is moronic. You can either justify your position or you can keep blithering your hate.

The only person distracting people from considering the facts is yourself: Because you never supply any.

Can you answer and actually supply the facts to your constant Bush sniveling?

I would have liked to see some links to that!

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