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Bill Gill on Jan 26, 2004 at 19:57

Re: Feo: Hawkings Warning (danno might)

I buy the idea that any speculation about beings that can cross interstellar space is very far out. Unless they develop an extremely effective and inexpensive transit system the cost of traveling to another solar system could not be paid back. So far we have NO theories that would actually allow for quick and easy interstellar passage.

There are some very speculative ideas floating around about worm holes and such, but they all have some very big holes in them. Being able to actually use these speculations as transit devices requires a great deal of both theoretical and engineering development. If they can develop ways to get around those problems they probably know enough that they don't really need anything that we have.

And if they have a need to move, it would probably be a lot easier to move to a planet closer to their planet than to come all the way to ours. After all there are probably a lot more life bearing planets that don't have intelligent life than there are planets that do have intelligent life.

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