Re: Feo: Grand Canyon

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 25, 2004 at 17:09

Re: Feo: Grand Canyon (Feo Amante)

Sometimes every forum slides into slipstreams and byways that may not appeal to the majority of the participants. Unfortunately the majority of interest in this place is not in my line of expertise. However, I do read everything and I follow nearly every link posted. I recently followed a link you posted to your brother's site. While I'm largely nonpartisan (I criticize people with loose zippers just as pejoratively as I do those who evidence very few signs of intelligence or literacy) I do find this place interesting. When I can contribute scientifically, I do. I corrected your brother on a point in his site and he sent me a very polite reply, BTW. But there are times when I, like so many other human beings, desire to engage in verbal exchange with others of my kind. In short, even the eternal rose craves companionship occasionally. You may choose to be offended at the means and venue of my choice of remedy to that human need, and you certainly are entitled. But if you are unwilling to tread in my moccassins for a few moons, perhaps you should refrain from smacking my wrist when I type.

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