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Posted by Shasta on Jan 03, 2004 at 12:41

Re: Bad carryover from (I. S.)

Yeah, that would be cool.

KM: Take a look at Squishdot ( and Zope ( That combination is the software used by, and it appears very effective, seeing the millions (well, okay, hundreds of thousands) of hits sustained by Slashdot's server. It's used by other sites, too, but I've forgotten the URLs off the top of my head. Of course, it depends on having access to a relatively good *nix server, but those aren't hard to come by. (if you're doubting this, search eBay for "pentium 2" and then go to

Basically, what Squishdot does is allow registered (aye, also anonymous) users to comment on articles posted on the main page. It allows discussions to stay much more on-topic. There's also a moderation system and a threshold system in place, so that if the user doesn't want to see comments moderated below x, they set their threshold to x.

A polling system is also in place, among other features.

OTOH, perhaps phpBB is a good alternative ( though everyone must register (this is changable, however)

Oh, jeeze, I'm going on an open-source rant. Must... Resist... Seven Of Gates...

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