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Posted by danno might on Jan 23, 2004 at 10:57

Re: Feo4: Findings in Martian meteorites... (Feo Amante)

signals, but that is based on just one point in space (earth) as the receiver station. If a species is advanced enough to cross the divide, then they would/should have already established an advance interferometer(sp?) observational capacities that would span something like the orbit of Mars or not greater.

I agree to the difficulties and think that is why WE have not picked up something. Our limits in technology impose no co-realtion on any advanced civilizations which maybe able to pick out our presence.

The reality of interstellar travel is very distant to our abilities and therefore the capabilities developed along that techno path (in signal detection, power generation, propulsion, shielding, weapons and comutational power) are barely within our dreams. Add in the possibility for cyber-genetic modifications to enable life outside the protective envelope of the home world and you wind up with an even more alien species, one even further removed and distant from us.

Just another reason alien species, expecially the more exotic life form as you propose, would look at us as hairless apes, an infestation to prevent, a potential annoyance being so far removed from their biological/cybernetic requirements as to be worthless outside some experiments to satisfy curiosity. THEY have crossed the divide. What could we teach them?

A species who starts/retains much of our bio-type might see us as an amusement, if they deemed to deal with us at all. But then similar bio-type species would have to worry about cross contamination, diseases or other complications which would delay or prevent personal contact. All the bull about multi-species interbreeding forgets the potential of a simple vag yeast infection for humans could turn out to be a devestating flesh eating plague to them (and vis-a-versa).

The record of Life shows that species compete for resources and losers wind up displaced from their niches and are threatened with extinction. Be it invasive species on the islands of Hawaii or an interstellar invader.

I never could understand the arguement that if a species could cross the divide, that they would somehow have "advanced" to become a more peaceful race. I would take the opposite approach. Species who had grown up past their fables and modified themselves enough to transit interstellar space would have long ago put aside any notions or needs that did not server the spread and establishment of their civilization, the continuation of their species beyond the life-cycle of one local star system. Not for "knowledge". Not for "fame". Those things come along as part of the ride. This journey would most likely be a one way road of Conquest and Domination. A difficult to understand, focused race who have the power to take what they want.

Ooops, slipping into my sci-fi scripts once again. Thanks for walking with me for awhile.


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