Re: Hawkings Warning

Posted by danno might on Jan 21, 2004 at 14:54

Re: Hawkings Warning (Planko)

well, I think that we are currently, one of the very planets in this sector of the Milky Way to host intelligent life. That doesn't mean that life is not out there, that is it not intelligent nor that it is somehow more "civilized" than we.

Even a supposedly magnamamous advanced society will dominate and destablize a lesser developed society. This is proven in every instance of human contact - the best efforts of the "advanced" invaders still resulted in the destruction of old gods and old ways, leaving a vacuum that rarely, if ever, is healed. An inferiority complex, a mentality of loss of the old ideas, a violent rejection of the new causing conflict with the technological superior visitor, all are certainties if ETs showed up today.

Some few folks would embrace the change, the much greater majority would feel lost and confused by these events.

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