Re: Feo: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy

Posted by Heya on Jan 21, 2004 at 11:26

Re: Feo: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy (DA Morgan)

You neglect to mention that we now have telescopes on the ground that can create images that are on par with (and in some cases superior to) Hubble's images. Hubble is a nice telescope and has a better seat in the house than any other, but it is small and therefore, limited.

Also, Bush's plan calls not only for 5% increase in budget, but also a restructuring to move away from the Shuttle program and toward the Moon/Mars missions. How much money can be diverted from the Shuttle program to the Moon mission? How big of a chunk of NASA's budget does the shuttle eat up? My guess would be more than half. That's alot of money. Underfunded? Possibly, but I think the plan is sound. Oh, and I hate Bush. I don't think he would know his *** from a hole in the ground, but he sure does know how to execute a plan. I'm glad he's thrown his support behind this idea (which has been lingering ever since the end of the Apollo missions).

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