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DA Morgan on Jan 21, 2004 at 08:16

Re: Feo: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy (Feo Amante)

Lets see ... they've killed the Hubble because, in theory we are going to the Moon and Mars. But he only wants a 5% budget increase to do so which everyone in the field calls laughable.

What words do you use to describe killing one science project and underfunding two others? Serious science?

Then there is the fact that fusion research is now shifted to France and Japan.

And I could go on. Stop listening to the rhetoric and look at what he does. He is the most anti-science president in recent memory. He talks a good game but he bends over and kisses the feet of the far-right fundamentalists whose only agenda is to take us back to the quality of life we had in 2000 BC.

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