Re: Feo: Findings in Martian meteorites...

Posted by danno might on Jan 21, 2004 at 07:20

Re: Feo: Findings in Martian meteorites... (Feo Amante)

Drake's equation is about the change of encountering intelligent civilizations within the galaxy.

All of the imput is speculation because currently we do not know a reliable ratio of stars that form with solar systems and within that what percentage include "earthlike" planets.

The formula is not set on determing if "life" existed and it is based on the assumption that intelligent life can only develop on "earthlike" planets.

I don't fault the equation. It is all of the unknowns that overlap into one giant guess, based on the perceptions of the person doing the input.

Which actually goes along well with someone who already has the premiss that life does not exist outside of earth. Don't you think?

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