Feo: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy

Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 20, 2004 at 23:29

Re: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy (DA Morgan)

Post after post of very reactionary statements and not a bit of truth to them.

And rarely does a science discussion go through here that you don't turn it into another shout and stomp to trash Bush. This isn't protest, it's merely gainsaying and harping: A skipping CD caught in a loop.

You have no idea, apparently, what drives Bush. If he says something, anything at all, you take issue with it and holler up conspiracy theories.

A mere cursory glance at his and his father's history makes it plain that the promotion of space exploration is nothing new to either of the guys.

For a fact, Bush is trying to get something going with NASA like his Pop did. Not the old man's fault that NASA's infighting and the House Democrats crushed the idea.

I imagine, but in no way claim as "truth", that Ted Kennedy would do anything he could to keep Space in the historical reference of something that Democrats did, and that Americans on the moon was something that only a Kennedy could achieve. So the idea that we could go farther than the moon, and thus relegate the moon's importance back one notch, might very well stick in his craw so much that he would do anything to cripple all future space endeavors that take us any further than the launching of the next MTV satellite. Of course, this is mere speculation, nothing more.

(However, Ted Kennedy is certainly a Damned Liar and Chappaquiddick will haunt him to his grave.)

Also, a 5% addition to the NASA budget is too big for the non Republicans in Washington. Democrats want to cut more not add more.

Not only that, but the plan also includes the contributions of private companies who want to get into the act. They not only get paid in contracts, but invest in this plan as well. This is the creation of jobs plain and simple. As FDR did with roads and infrastructure across America, so Bush's plan would do for infrastructure in space.

Not that any Democrat would ever want to see that happen.

And I know, you don't like the Democrats either.

But you never trash them either.

So tell me why Bush is any more of a "damned liar" than any other politician?

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