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Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 20, 2004 at 22:39

Re: Feo3: Calling all the Brains ... (DA Morgan)

Hoo boy! I don't know where you are getting this reactionary attitude from. Here. Check out the link. Its from the BBC.



The building of the INTERNATIONAL Fusion Reactor will cost about 12 billion and is a project of shared technology among many nations - many contributors. No one nation will have the rights to it. Even if France or Japan was willing to go to war over the proprietary ownership of the thing (which is ridiculous), they would have to steal it. It's a great experiment. It might work, it might not. Noble winning scientists have tried this before, thought they were right, but failed.

It happens in science. Science is not a god.

But even if it did work, there is no way that, simply by having a Fusion reactor, France or Japan would suddenly own all the raw material world wide to run it.

The French and Japanese are only fighting over the prestige of it. Like nations who fight over having a juicy collider contract.

In fact, France says that even if Japan DOES get the contract, they might build one themselves anyway. How can they do that? Because the tech is no vast secret, no consipracy, and no one is going to rule the world because they have a fusion reactor.


And I don't need to publish any "research work" or display credentials. I don't even need to be an expert. It's not Noble winning stuff I'm talking about here. I simply need to read up on the subject from reasonably reputable sources.

Try it!

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