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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 20, 2004 at 18:43

Re: Ennui (Big guy)

Physics I can propose... General Relativity has a weak postulate that has not been tested in one remaining way. It could be so tested and Einstein shown to fall to Weizenboek, and for no more expense than like previously failed experiments. E-mail address is in the pdf, above.

The FDA will compassionately prevent any private medical invention from entering the world. Look how they sat hard on terbinafine. If you sneak it in the back door, you will be litigated to death while the EPA picks at your bones. For that matter,

US Pat. 5,859,057. The EPA says an essential human nutrient air-delivered at a millionth of the recommended daily intake has UNKNOWN HAZARDS if it is used to repel roaches. $20 million in testing (bribes) were suggested to obtain clearance.

There is at least one private patent on contact lenses with peripheral perforation that are shown to be extraordinarily cornea-sparing (NaturaLens). Fantastic improvement in wearbility and safety! Do you see any on the market?

Good luck and have fun.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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