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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 20, 2004 at 18:31

Re: Findings in Martian meteorites... (peacepixy)

"Harold Urey" reducing 506 hits
"Stanley Miller" reducing 898 hits
"Cyril Ponnamperuma" experiment 158 hits
"Sydney Fox" proteinoids 50 hits.
ribose borate 1630 hits

All the stuff of life is present one week after the planetary surface cools enough for liquid water to pool. After that it is shake and bake until you get lucky. EVERY water world is scummed with the stuff of life, and almost every water world older than 1-3 billion years is scummed with at least unicellular life. That doesn't imply there is much out there with which to converse.

Go back 150 years. The Earth is technologically invisible even at Proxima Centuri. By the 1950s planetary radio and microwave emissions exceed those of the sun in select bands. In 2004 we are one electromagnetically loud planet. Shift that a meager million years one way or the other. Either way, there will be nothing to externally see.

Fire was light until the 1800s. The big improvements were acetylene lanterns and then limelight, followed by electric arc light. Then incandescent and fluorescent light. Now there is xenon short arc, metal halide, Lucalux, electrodeless sulfur microwave, sodium vapor, electroluminescent, light emitting diode, neon, and a bunch more. What will we be like in 3000 AD? Would we a care to converse with others like ourselves now if we detected them?

Or would we sterilize them away to avoid noise, nuisance, and competition?

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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