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Kelly on Jan 20, 2004 at 16:52

Re: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy (Mike Kremer)

"Well Im afraid its an analogy which has proven true in the past. "

One data point is not enough to draw a graph.

"When the Russians-first to place a satellite into space with the dog "Laika".....There was near pandemonium in the States.
Many thousands of people cleared the shelves of
food tins and loaded up their vehicles ready for a quick get-a-way. "

Yes, and when the Chinese put their first man in orbit the small percentage of the public that was aware of it yawned.

The point I was making was the idea that the U.S. and China are engaged in a "space race" is simply not true. No American (or Russian) space policy is being driven by Chinese actvities. Only India (another middle-weight power, like China) perceives any sense of "competition" with the Chinese space program.

"Not that a true believer in the Space race should worry about headlines, one way or another.
The operative words are 'The community of Man, Homo Sapiens , will be up there, who ever they maybe' "

A true believer should read the actual article rather than just scanning the headlines. And my operative words are "Once you're in orbit, you're half-way to anywhere."
---Robert A. Heinlein

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