Re: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy

Posted by Pasti on Jan 19, 2004 at 23:20

Re: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy (Uncle Al)

Al,just to get a few things straight.

"100,00,000 C and a massive 10 MeV neutron field in tight proximity to 4 K maxed out supercon windings is insanity."

Actually, it is not insanity,it is possible.A cold temperature plasma, say He plasma at ~ 10^-6 torr (50,000 K)is generally produced in a ... glass discharge tube, and the tube in this case doesn't even get hot.
When it comes to plasmas, the temprature is kinetic, and it is the kinetic temperature of the fastest particles in the "melange".The ions in the above plasma that I mentioned have ~350K.
In contrast, the temperature of the superconductors is "thermodynamic", but if the superconductors are properly insulated thermally (vacuum that is, to reduce convection, and some mirror layers to prevent radiative thermal transport), and the plasma is properly confined, and also at a resonable low pressure, there is no problem running a hot fusion plasma ~5 mil K confined with superconducting coils cooled at 4K.

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