Re: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy

Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 19, 2004 at 19:47

Re: Moon a Source of Unlimited Energy (DA Morgan)

Go ahead, deny the measured reaction cross-sections vs. temp I posted. Were is the bias in that? Go find He-He cross-sections; Ha ha ha - look at those numbers! Do you think you can transport your 30 tonnes of helium-3 in a thermos bottle rather than in the volume of an Egyptian pyramid - under any circumstances?

Go ahead, deny the wt-% abundance of He-3 in lunar regolith measured in Apollo samples. Where is the bias in that?.

UC/Irvine just down the road has the guy who won a Nobel Prize for CFCs and the putative Ozone Hole. This was so (politically) important that no Second or Third World country is prohibited from manufacturing, using, or dumping them into the atmosphere. China's freon emissions eclipse US emissions at their height. Amazingly, freon-12 levels in air continue to decrease despite a claimed 110-year half-life.

Do you think dialectic euchres reality, or that somebody is lying? Run the numbers. I don't care about your Liberal hallucinations, nor does the universe at large. Uncle Al said the the E*L*E*C*T*R*I*C car was a physical impossiblity from first principles, and so it was. Physical reality is a powerful ally.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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