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Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 19, 2004 at 10:58

Re: Feo: Calling all the Brains ... (DA Morgan)

Why in the world would France or Japan want to use a fusion reactor? They do just fine by reprocessing spent reactor fuel from commercial reactors. In fact, France leads the world in nuclear energy by generating up to 70% of the nations electricity with Fast Breeder reactors.

President Carter didn't like the idea and created the ban to keep the U.S. from sending our spent rods to France for their plants. Too bad, they generate more power than they consume.

The idea back in the 1970s was that Fast Breeder reactors were too unstable (and they are good for creating nuclear weapons - and France does. Non nuke weapons are the #1 GNP of France, followed by the energy/oil trade).

Apparently untrue as France hasn't had a single incident ever. The U.S., Russia, and Japan cannot say the same.

By the way, who is the "We" in "If we were serious about an alternative to fossil fuels"

Some of us are serious. Until just recently, all of the communes I lived in got as much energy as they could from solar power and solar cells. We also use wood to burn and create our heat in the winter (and don't have to chop down living trees to do it either! Trees shed their branches like leaves and in any forest there are a few dead woods.). That's not to say that we didn't use oil, we had cars, but we only used it when their were no other alternatives. Now that I'm currently living ini an apartment in Los Angeles. Such opportunities aren't open to me. Then again, Oil production is one of the major exports of California (Chevron, a California company, is the largest oil company in the U.S.). You see the oil machines a-bobbing away all over this state. Especially in the L.A. area.

The population as a whole uses whatever is the most conventient depending on their locale. If your power company uses hydroelectric, fine. If it uses wind or nuclear, fine.

As for your statement that "The truth is that greed not only has us well behind other countries..."

I'd like to know where your "truth" comes from, and in what way are we behind other countries?

I travel regularly to France, Belgium, Germany, and England. In so many ways, they are one step away from being third world countries. Human rights there are abysmal and, especially in France and Germany, there is an incredible and scary surge in race hate crimes. It is their number one violent crime rate, I'd say, as a casual observer. Europe in general is froze in this idea of past glories (which Germany may never escape from).

Only Japan, in my experience, runs pell mell in an effort to embrace and create the future, regardless of consequence. But they too have their backsliders in positions of power. As well as their huge superstition base. The U.S. can't hold a candle to the business of crazy holistic and homeopathic medicines that are all the rage there, as they are throughout much of Europe.

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