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DA Morgan on Jan 18, 2004 at 12:14

Re: Calling all the Brains ... (Planko)

Come on now ... how about some application of common sense? Why would you choose the most expensive and least likely choice out of myriad possibilities?

How about something simple such as one of the following:

1. Don't make so muh of it that it is a problem.
2. Decrease the population on the planet.
3. Create a financial incentive that reward those that make things recyclable and punishes those that don't with higher prices.

Every disposable razor goes into a landfill. And yet the technology exists to make every one 100% recycleable. Why aren't they recycled? No financial incentive.

We used financial incentives to electrify rural America and for many other programs deemed worthwhile. These days, the me me me greed generation can't see beyond its next paycheck.

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