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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 16, 2004 at 17:17

Re: Calling all the Brains ... (Uncle Al)

I do agree, I cannot understand Where this crazy sea dumping idea came from. A failed Govermental think tank?
And for what reasons? To stabilize global cooling
or should that be warming? Or is it to close the Ozone hole? Which?
Just try running pipes from all the powerstations and pressurise CO2 down into the deep sea, (gotta be deep and cold so that it solidifies) My guess it will solidify before it hits bottom, and thats only if the CO2 is pure (which it aint) There is an awful lot of other gases in CO2 from power stations, mainly Oxygen.
Getting rid of all cars and jet aircraft would be a marginally better, but again an impracticle idea.
As for dumping Methane, thats also crazy. All the Methane dissolved in the sea is a result of thousands of years of Biological activity, which is going on under the sea bed. A lot is trapped under non-porous sediment. The colder the water is the more it holds. In northern seas off Norway and Greenland the water holds even more, trapped in microscopic icecages. Fresh water should hold even higher percentages.
They aint gonna dump Methane anyway, as there are plans to bring it to the surface for use as a fuel. (Lets hope they do it gently)
Methane is part of the natural symbiotic 'breathing' of our Earth, and is a continuous process. Occasionaly broken every few hundred, or thousand years by a sudden dangerous upwelling that erupts from the sea floor. A sort of natural catastrophy.
You could better get rid of 60% of Methane in the atmosphere, by getting rid of all the ruminant beef cattle in Texas Canada and S.America. Which is another impracticle idea.

Ive got a better idea, double the production and CO2 pressure in all cans of Coca Cola and similar beverages 8^)

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