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Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 16, 2004 at 16:49

Re: Feo: understanding (Measurement)

Yeah, but your artillery still have to travel for three days - advanced tech, 24 hours - to reach their target. By that your enemy will retaliate, most likely taking you out with local weapons.

Weapons tech can advance to the point where we are shooting energy weapons from the moon, but it hardly matters. Our enemies can have bases right here on earth and satellites in the sky. Nothing stops the weapons tech of other nations from advancing. France has become such a weapons tech trader (it's their #1 GNP). Nothing stops China or India or Iran or Brazil (if they choose to get back into it). I don't see how our plans for the moon could possibly negate the weapons equalization of any other nations that care to try. As such, I don't see why the military would ever bother with such an overly expensive project; with such incredibly long term commitment; based upon technology that is non- existent; on the assumption that earth based weapons tech will be unable to thwart it.

Historically, that has never been something the U.S. has ever got involved with in the first place. And we've had the Presence of Untouchable Threat before. For many countries, we still do. But the world trusts us, absolutely, that we won't use it.

Osama would have never attacked us otherwise. Kim would not be posturing so stupidly if he believed otherwise. No other country with nuclear arms would retaliate to defend those two or any other two bit tin pot dictatorship. France would never do it. They are too busy trying to control the governments of Sudan and other African nations. China wouldn't try and destroy it's number 1 source of revenue. And so on.

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