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Posted by danno might on Jan 16, 2004 at 15:53

Re: Calling all the Brains ... (Uncle Al)

I don't know if it is the enviro-whiners calling for CO2 sequestering (a phrase I have seen tossed about).

One version is to pump CO2 down into the earth's crust where oil has been pumped out. Since the supposedly secure rock barrier has already been pierced by the action of drillers, saying it is a permanent sinkhole maybe questionable. But that method seems more stable and reliable than just chilling and dumping CO2 into the deep ocean.

I think there has have been pumping of CO2 into the earth's crust for some time now. One or more rigs off the coast of Norway are currently pumping CO2 down into the crust of the North Sea. I wonder what studies have been done about the stability of that rock structure - afterall gas will tend to expand or diffuse and all it takes is a couple of cracks to start a breach in containment.

As you say it takes a bit of energy to pump this - any chilling going on will result in the outventing of resulting heat (conservation of energy - right?). A candle will heat the Super Dome if given enough time and adding more heat sources will have its on impact on global warming eventually. But back to the basic physics of trying to match the temp by chilling at the surface, transporting it down about a 3rd of a mile (friction = heat?) and expecting there to be a temperature match with the already solidified CO2/methane does not make much sense .

I was reading somewhere that the idea of the methane ice melt - causing a spike in temps - melting the methane ice - was "bunk" (must have been that idiot congressman from Oklahoma). The hypothesis is that if the temp goes up, the water level rises, the deep sea pressure increases, cutting off the melting process.

I wonder if by the time the sea level does rise enough for the pressure negative feedback mechanism to occur, you have not already diffused a tremendous level of methane and CO2 that will change the whole ph balance of the oceans. So what if the pressure increases if there is already a whole mid-ocean zone that has been turned into one giant carbonated fizz. The upper surface layer will stop mixing with the mid/deep levels as the North Atlantic Conveyer stops and the whole ocean sickens while methane and CO2 levels continue to rise.

Does such concerns make me an enviro-whiner?

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