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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 16, 2004 at 14:25

Re: Calling all the Brains ... (danno might)

"The deep ocean contains amazing levels of frozen methane and CO2. It is stablized by pressure and temperature in solid form."

The solid species are non-stoichiometric clathrate hydrates. A huge fraction of all fossil carbon on the surface of the planet is methane hydrates, though you can scholarly get almost any number you like. 250 trillion cubic meters of methane gas at STP is a reasonable guess. All the clathrate hydrates are unstable vs. dissociation and outgassing to shifts in temperature or pressure. Methane hydrate expands about 160:1, gas vs. solid. The stablity field is at least 26 atmospheres net of methane at 0 C, or about 1600 feet depth of sea water.

Deep sea CO2 dumping is incredibly stooopid. It is a metastable reservoir. The energy needed to emplace the stuff is immense. /_\P/_\V= energy, 101.325 joules/liter-atmosphere. Would you drop your gas mileage by 10% to remove 1% of your engines *total* emissions? Temporarily?

Enviro-whinerism: Expensive, shoddy, deadly.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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