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Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 16, 2004 at 13:39

Re: understanding (danno might)

I have to take issue with this line of thought.

I feel that the absolute worst time to have brought this up to the American public would have been right after the destruction of Columbia. That's like saying one week after 9/11, "Hey! Let's get another business building up there pronto!"
Or attempting to console your wife after the death of your child by saying,
"Hey honey! Let's make another baby!"

It took months of investigation to figure out what went wrong with the shuttle. Months more to realize that the hard wried culture that O'Keefe walked into had not been replaced in the 13+ years since the first shuttle disaster. A week or even a month after would not only have been incredibly insensitive, but stupid as well (we don't know what went wrong or who is responsible). The cowardly, lying, thieving politicians of the left (proven, not opinion) would have had a field day trying to destroy NASA the way they have ever since Ford took over from Nixon.

It is common sense business to announce grand new schemes following on the heels of success, not failure.

The Democrats would have absolutely crucified Bush has insane and out of touch and dangerous to the country, had he done someting so ridiculous as to witness the shuttle disaster and say, "Hey! Let's go to Mars next!"

I wouldn't have respected him as brave. I would have thought him a freaking dumbass.

On this note, it was Bush who got rid of the idiot Goldin and put O'Keefe into place. O'Keefe has definitely lifted the morale of the Space Adminstration by not only listening, but by also accepting the blame. Unlike Goldin he doesn't seek scapegoats when things go wrong and try and hoarde the kudos when things go right.

As for the announcement coming from Bush, instead of Clinton or Bush Sr. or Reagan, or Carter or as far back as you want to go, it damn well had to come from somebody, and it sure as hell wasn't going to come from the left. Not yesterday, today, or - if you listen to Howard Dean, tomorrow.

As for building weapons on the moon. To what end and what point? I read Heinlien but seriously, science has overtaken much of the science fiction in that book and what would be the point for Jr. unless he could absolutely guarantee that the United States would be controlled by his party when it all was finished?

The idea of a military complex fiendishly rubbinig it's hands in nearly unbridled delight at the prospect of us building military bases on the moon just doesn't wash. Certainly not from a historical perspective of the U.S. or it's presidents.

All I'm thinking about now is how Howard Dean crapped on the idea of manned space exploration. For no other reason but that it was a Bush idea (Howard is so damn reactionary it seems). Suddenly, as quick as that, the guy lost my vote.

I believe in manned space flight, space exploration, and off planet colonization. Warts and all, I'm voting for Bush.

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