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Posted by danno might on Jan 15, 2004 at 16:39

Re: understanding (Measurement)

Clinton sold us out too (Chinese, DNC Lincoln Bedroom, NAFTA, etc) so please don't paint me with that brush.

It just galls me the day Spirit is to roll off the ramp and onto its journey across Martian soil the Hind Most tries to steal some of the spotlight.

I would have respected his pronouncements and goals a little more if the coward had stood up and made them the week following the destruction of Columbia, in place of lies and misdirection from his last State of the Union address or even on the Anniversary of the Wright Brother's first flight.

He is a coward. And a liar. And a thief. All proven and factual, not opinion. So no, I would rather vote for someone else whom I only suspect of being a crook instead of someone I know to be one. Same would go for that liar Clinton too so lets not bring up the dead again, please.

Thanks for bearing with my venom, it is not intended for you. Did you serve in the military? You seem to support it. I was in the USAF from 77-83 and spent time in Europe then worked for the military industrial complex (E-Systems) for another seven.


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