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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 15, 2004 at 15:48

Re: Mars (Measurement)

I would'nt rule out the Chinese, I feel it IS due to their political structure that they are making these tremenous technical advances today.
The Three Georges Hydro-Electric Dam project, the worlds biggest, now nearing completion.
The new Shanghai Maglev, is the worlds longest and fastest passenger train in the world. I believe it has reached speeds of 570kph.
Manufacturers of the Shanghai Maglev (Germany) have been in talks with the Chinese for a Magnev
line right across China. Current estimates are that it will be much cheaper to run than daily continental flights of a Boeing 747.
The technology uses five times less energy per passenger mile - than jet aircraft.
A Maglev train costs a few million $ each, in comparison to $200m for a Boeing.
**(I think that the initial setup price for a continental Maglev must be many thousands of times more than a couple of airports and Boeings)
Thats not mentioned, in the German 'Transrapid' report.
At the Hannover Industrial Fair 2000, (I was there) the Chinese announced their plans to put a permanent manned base upon the Moon by 2005. Expressly for the purpose of mining Helium 3 for use as a fuel.
The Moons military advantages, as a fringe for whoever is there.

I agree with your scepticism, lets wait and see.

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