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Posted by Measurement on Jan 15, 2004 at 10:24

Re: understanding (danno might)

I still don't get you completely but at least I get you more than before. You think Bush, a politician, is trying to steal so limelight.

No...say it ain't so!

Still, you're confusing me. You write, "It will be left to other groups to actually colonize Mars"

To what others do you refer if not also politicians whom you so dislike?

As far as the military aspect of the plan goes, well, that's probably the only aspect of it from which we will see any real short-term profit (net, not gross).

Okay, so I can pretty much conclude that you don't like Bush, don't believe Bush, and have no intention of voting for Bush. That's fine. But what does your dislike of him have to do with going back to the moon and eventually to Mars? Would you rather Clinton have proposed this?

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