Re: space exploration is a good thing

Posted by danno might on Jan 15, 2004 at 10:20

Re: space exploration is a good thing (Pasti)

I am confused. Who is the "he" you say I support? Another problem in writing (me) or comprehension (you)? A little of both is probably the cause and for my part, I apologize.

I do not support the Hind Most in any fashion. I hope that is clear now. George Bush does not own the Mars rovers just because he is mugging a camera and making some Johnny-Come-Lately statements. True support is shown by work over a life-time and the Hind Most has done nothing to instill any confidence in its leadership on the issue of space exploration.

I do support the efforts to get our species off this rock before we all expire. Getting to Mars is the first big step out into the rest of the solar system and maybe beyond. I hope that is clear, too.

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