Posted by danno might on Jan 15, 2004 at 10:05

Re: space exploration is a good thing (Measurement)

I do not believe in politicians.

Of course they exist and do not depend on my belief or not to waste the oxygen they consume, to abscond resources stolen for their supporters nor to drive our nation along pathways I do not agree with.

I applaund the NASA team who have successful managed, designed and now operate the rover (rovers, hopefully) on Mars. I dislike anyone, especially calculating Johnny-Come-Lately bandwagoners who have never expressed much support for these efforts, trying to mug the cameras and include their visage in the collage of success.

I do think you are right is one manner - that military needs and demands will absorb much of the new NASA budget, eventually. It will be left to other groups to actually colonize Mars.

Sorry do not take the tone personal, it is the liars and posers of power who are the target of my disrespect.

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