Re: space exploration is a good thing

Posted by Measurement on Jan 15, 2004 at 08:20

Re: space exploration is a good thing (danno might)

Here's the problem with your writing:

You write I don't believe in politicians and especially this one who is nothing but a suit proped up by special interest - but many are, so that complaint is universal, covering the spectrum from Moscow to Jerusalem and all points in between.

So, I remove the rhetoric and I get:

I don't believe in politicians

Now, how am I to interpret that? Do you truly NOT believe that politicians exist or are you trying to say you don't like them taking credit for something that really is very political?

For example, was Kennedy responsible for putting man on the moon? Sure he was, at least in part. Without political support it would not have happened. Likewise, without political support, another moon landing/base won't happen.

Can Bush actually get the support? Well, he has mine. Is he actually serious about it? We'll see.

As to why a moon base is 'needed' for a mars landing, I'm really not convinced that it is, technologically speaking, but I don't have the inside knowledge to really know. It may well be very important politically speaking, however. Small sucessful steps build support.

Plus, it really does have the added bonus of military applications. "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" comes to mind. I like that also.

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