space exploration is a good thing

Posted by danno might on Jan 15, 2004 at 07:43

Re: re the Hind Most (Measurement)

in fact it is the single greatest hope for the continuation of intelligent life from the earth.

I don't believe in politicians and especially this one who is nothing but a suit proped up by special interest - but many are, so that complaint is universal, covering the spectrum from Moscow to Jerusalem and all points in between.

But to say that the Hind Most deserves kudos for something it really doesn't support, I can not understand. Maybe a much better writer can explain it to this poor dumb servant.

As to the Moon Base, it is an unnecessary impediment to the program of sending a man to Mars. Please list what this does beyond diverting resources (more for military purposes I would wager)? Luna is a grav well of its own and saying you can launch cheaper from that surface forgets either:
the actual vehicles of Martian transport must be launched from Earth (then landed on Luna only to relaunch again???)
a tremendously long period of time must be invested if the vehicles of Martian transport are to actually built on Luna (lets talk late this century)
the surface, grav, equipment for Lunar exploration impose different engineering requirements than what is required for Martian exploration (pressure, radiation, micrometers)

I am for Space Exploration. The Hind Most is not if you take the bulk of its policies, programs and actions as indications of what is to come.

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