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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 20, 2004 at 17:20

Re: Mad COw (BSE) fights on (Amaranth Rose)

It seems that you guys are going thru the same problems that we did here in the UK.
It got so bad that we were slaughtering and burning hundreds of cows in open fields. All roads around farms were banned to vehicles and public. While the vehicles that took away sick cows (downers/staggers) for slaughter, had to be followed by a disinfectant sprayer, to ensure the wee wee dribbling out the back of the lorrys onto
roads was neutralised.
Another problem we had was that no farmer was willing to admit he had a sick cow.....inspite of
being offered a cash incentive to 'turn them in'
for fear of being totally closed down.
Eventually, (our farms smaller than yours) all cattle movement in or out, was banned. The only people allowed in, were goverment inspectors repleat with rifles....who shot the whole herd if deemed nessesary, for open field burning.
The other problem was...abbatoirs were considered
to be possible BSE infection points, prior to the
packing factorys. How do you guarantee them BSE free? It was a horrenous time for us.

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