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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 19, 2004 at 21:09

Re: alien rock website (DALTON WALKER, JR.)

Well I have seen 4 different pictures of this small piece of rock. At least two of them seem to have a rough concave curve and appear flatter on the opposite side. It seems commensurate with a mix of olivine, lava and other materials being put into a small porcelain dish, and heated until molten and mixed, with a blow torch.
It certainly looks as it has been manually roughened and chipped after heating. Effectively proving that could'nt have fallen to Earth from Space.
Anyone who paid $3500 to the US Army for a report
on it, needs their head examined. You should have never let it out of your hands. Especially if it actually did what you say it did to insects, and got hot etc. The Goverment would have knocked at your door, to take either you, or it, away had you waited long enough.
Since theres no guarantee that you got 'your original' back. I would flush it down the toilet,
and think yourself lucky that you are only 3.5k
out of pocket. Just dont ask the public to ante up $25 to see your stupid reports, as you are liable to get sued, just give it up. And we will forget you ever existed.

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