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Posted by danno might on Jan 15, 2004 at 06:38

Re: Mars (Mike Kremer)

It is easy for the Hind Most to dedicate money he who can not raise the funds needed while cutting deals with the well connected, call for events he can not control and especially easy to rub a little of the glory of efforts he never supported and quite frankly he and his clique wish to kill.

Either he is a genius or the flocks who bleat support for the Hind Most are pure crystaline moron.

Hummm, daddy Shrub called for a man on Mars by 2020, Shrubby Jr calls for a man on Mars by 2030. By the time Jebb-shrub steals an election we will be looking at 2040 as the earliest possible date.

Sorry, I am a cynic when a politician who has problems even pronouncing space exploration tries to get out front and claim glory for a successful project. What would have happened if Spirit had crashed and burned like the Beagle? I ga-run-dam-T you it would not have resulted in the late and calculated announcements from the Hind Most. Plus Hind Most's core supports think space exploration is either a way of doing extreme environmental military testing or a grand waste of time.

I am curious if some of the "re-allocations" of the NASA budget includes the ending of the Europa Probe and the KBO/Pluto project? I also recall some recent negative tones from this "leadership" about suspending support for the "International" Space Station.

Funny, with the Wright Brother's 100 year celebration recently, many suspected that Shrub would have made a proclaimation about going to Mars, but wait, Spirit was still not a success so the calculating Hind Most cunningly waited to see. Then the recent political flap about its leadership inabilities and voila, suddenly a ready made event to change the focus from its many failures while it grabs the glory of something it had absolutely Nothing to do with.

Cynic I am, but that does not mean I do not see clearly.

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