Re: New study quashes hopes iron in ocean useful against global warming

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Mar 19, 2004 at 05:24

Re: New study quashes hopes iron in ocean useful against global warming (Jean Pierre)

With a cultural attitude of "out of sight, out of mind" it is hard to generate any sense of responsibility or awareness. The best hope is to find a way to point out to them that what they are doing is building a big angry tiger that is going to come along and take a large hunk out of their derriere one fine day. It's hard to convince people of this. And until it happens to them, they won't believe you. It's hard to get people to re-use, recycle, return things, to be responsible for their own impact on the world. Most of us would rather buy a new bicycle than fix the old one, buy a new car rather than re-upholster the old one and fix the squeaks. If it cost you to throw things away, you'd think more before you did it.

There is some possibility that I am to a certain degree "psychic" or psychically gifted. This is not a thing one discusses freely, especially on a science forum. It is an excursion into the unmeasurable, which once included radio waves and X-rays. In earlier times it was a good way to get oneself lynched or burned at the stake, and I hope to avoid both. I personally suffered greatly on November 11, 2001 and afterward, and on other occasions of disasters as well. What the cause of it is I am not certain. I used to joke that I used all my senses to stay alive, until it wasn't funny any more.

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