Re: New study quashes hopes iron in ocean useful against global warming

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Jean Pierre on Mar 19, 2004 at 04:55

Re: New study quashes hopes iron in ocean useful against global warming (Amaranth Rose)

Sedimentation rate in deep sea is very low. Accept around one millimeter for a thousand years under 12000 feet depth. Oil casualties are spectacular because of the density of oil. Floating "garbage" (your term) are the faster visible feedbacks.

An example of twisted derive.
Last year, while googling "Deep sea", I found many pictures of deep sea floor just covered by ordinary civil garbage (bicycles, tin boxes, flower pots…). My first reflex was to think about how dirty we are, as these disgusting pictures suggested. Second brain wave was a coarse mental justification essays, owing that all these artificial substrates could be well appreciated by the benthos dwellers.
This is an evidence of conditioned mind. Searching to justify the unjustifiable. Who learned me thinking like that?

A secular cultural possibility. French dictum collected with fishermen (translated): "…far from my eye, it doesn't exist anymore…"
This means that they accept to fill-up the sea with insanities as far as they are not visible from the surface. Honestly, try to open a foodweb or equilibrium discussion in such context.
Better ur... in a violin (also translated)

I prefer stop there, after, it's philosophy… not really my cup of tea.

Any other idea?


PS: Have you any telepathic facilities?

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