Cure your Arthritis, Colitus, Asthma, maybe Cancer! Get yourself a bellyful of Hook, Pin, or Tape Worms !!

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 14, 2004 at 23:49

Yep , seems this is the latest findings, as discovered and proven by Dr Joel Weinstock.
His patients drink a seething mass of Pin or Hook Worms every two weeks, and get themselves cured of their autoimmune diseases. Diseases that may require taking up to 15 pills every day, thats just to keep the patients stable, but not cure.
Dr Weinstock the worlds foremost authority on bowel disorders, is now curing many autoimmune diseases, ranging from skin problems, ulcerative colitus, asthma, infectious arthritus etc.
Or at least these Worm Parasites are.
These parasites have lived within man for thousands of years, and in doing so, make sure that they subtley change their enviroment by keeping the human immunosystem in top shape, thus ensuring their lives. All this without harming man.
(Provided their host eats 3 good meals a day, they will live in a symbiotic arrangement for the good of both) In fact they will never leave man unless his temperature drops and is about to die.
Well I am, we are going to hear a lot more about
Weinstock amazing discoverys .
But read for your self, Just three URL's here
But there is a lot more just come onto the Net
happy patient and worm pic here
I think there will be dozens of pages on the Net soon

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