Re: The sixth mass extinction

Posted by Uncle Al on Mar 18, 2004 at 17:50

Re: The sixth mass extinction (DA Morgan)

Uncle Al enjoys a hemicaust or even a holocaust as much as the next man, however... If you send out thousands of people to snare everything that slithers, crawls, walks, or flies, chances are the targets' numbers will come up short rather quickly.

Uncle Al was at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canukistan one summer during a major Enviro-whiner fest. A big lobby was entirely filled with poster sessions proudly displying untold numbers of jars of pickled endangered species punctuated by abundant taxidermy. Canadian "Native Americans" may kill whatever they want as much as they want, then they sell the corpses.

Bird slaughter is directly traceable to wind generators. The things are utterly lethal to birds at an unimaginable scale. Also remember the Third World is privileged to manufacture chlorinated insecticides without limit. That's compassion.

Enviro-whinerism: Expensive, shoddy, deadly.

Predicted next turn of the screw: Roaming housecats will be indicted for killing megatonnes/year of small game. The last time Europe prosecuted cats, the Black Plague followed. Yahweh has an interesting sense of irony.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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